Major Advantages of Republishing Old Blog Content

Read through the following post to know the major advantages of republishing old blog content and how to do it.


Practical Benefits of Republishing Old Blog Posts

In 2011 Google included the FRESHNESS factor in its ranking algorithm, and since then FRESH content has been enjoying more priority and privileges by Google. Talking about searchers, they too look for trending topics and fresh content. Therefore, if you want to satisfy both search engines and searchers, your content has to be fresh and interesting. While you should keep posting brand new blog posts every regularly, you should also be republishing your old blog posts on a timely basis because if your old posts are really relevant and valuable, they definitely need to come on searches.

With this in mind, let’s first take a look through some of the practical benefits of republishing your old posts, and then proceed to know the method of updating and republishing old blog content.

Get Found, Get Preferred

Google always wants to show top-quality and fresh content to its searchers. And searchers prefer relevant pieces of content that are fresh and up-to-date. So, spruce up your old blog posts that still are useful to your audience/readers by modifying texts, incorporating new ideas etc. and republish them. This way you could satisfy both search engines and searchers.

Get More Social Shares and Other Ranking Factors

Republishing and re-promoting old posts naturally earns new social shares, inbound links and other search ranking factors. This, in turn, enhances the traffic to your site from a number of different sources. The more you reach, the better you earn!

Spend Less, Earn More

Oftentimes, republishing a relevant old post and promoting it is better than creating a brand new post from scratch and promoting it because the old post already has some page authority, which makes it easier to get ranked and drive traffic.

Now that you know the practical benefits of republishing old blog posts, read on to know HOW to update and republish old blog content. Here’s a 3-step process:

Step-1: Choose blog posts that really are worth republishing. While most blog posts have a short life today, very few have the property to stay for long, and those are the posts that you would be promoting and re-promoting. A thorough keyword research would help you find the popular search terms and based on this select your old blog posts that are worth updating and republishing.

Step-2: Improvise, update and republish the selected old blog content making sure it’s got everything to reach a great audience and answer multiple search queries. Update texts and include new pictures or videos to make it look convincingly fresh and up-to-date. Change the publish date so it’s featured as a brand new post.

Step-3: Optimize the post so as to achieve both search engine ranks and better conversion-rate. Perform a good keyword-research first, and go on implementing various on-page and off-page optimization techniques to attain the maximum advantages.

In a nutshell, republishing and re-promoting old blog content has edges over creating a post from scratch and promoting it. However, you should not ignore publishing brand new content on a constant basis. While republishing old posts gets the juice flowing, adding fresh content every now and then helps your blog stay genuinely up-to-date.

What are your thoughts on republishing relevant old blog posts? How do you update and publish (old) blog content? Please, share your ideas in the comments below.