5 Great Ways to Grow Your Small SEO Firm Big

Are you a small SEO firm who wants to grow bigger? Then it’s vitally important to reconsider how you’re marketing your company and what efforts you’re putting in to get big global clients. Maybe you need to stop certain obsolete marketing ways, or add a couple of new techniques that would give overwhelming results, or even change your entire marketing strategy altogether.

Here, we present to you 5 useful ways to grow your small SEO agency big. This is kind of a step-by-step method to build and grow your business, too.


  1. Develop Your Brand Constantly

Building a recognizable brand is important. If you have designed a unique and aesthetically pleasing logo, conveyed a clear and beautiful message, and reached a good customer-base through your distinct features, then you’ve achieved a great feat in terms of branding. But don’t sit there! Keep developing your brand, so it becomes sustainable in the long run and your customers would remember it for a long time.

So, how do you do that? Keep improving the quality of your SEO services and keep adding everything about you, your company, your mission, vision and culture onto your website on a regular basis. Reach out to as many people as you could. Keep designing flyers and statements that relate your brand to your active and potential clients.


  1. Do Proper Content Marketing

Content marketing is of the greatest importance in the world of SEO, but it has to be proper, complete and consistent. There are a number of different platforms and a ton of ways, and you need to use them all.

First and foremost, create and submit meaningful guest posts to build up your own reputation and reach out to a large audience. In parallel, keep publishing good and relevant blog posts onto your own blog page. You should also share your opinion posts with others, so it gets you a good exposure. Writing in-depth guides on some popular topics for your readers can also help your brand grow globally.

Furthermore, include content marketing as part of your services to add some extra boost to your business.


  1. Improve Customer Relationship

SEO is full of uncertainties as target search engines continue to evolve their respective ranking criteria. Clients come and clients go, and that’s pretty common in this industry.

Some may terminate just in the second month even though you’ve done all the hard work to bring them onto the top-10 list. So, the fact of the matter is that ranking is not the only concern of your clients. You can take a potentially unsatisfied client from the second month to the sixth through effective communication and good behavior.

Good customer relationship can also get you referrals, which is another important benefit. And, this works like magic, especially in SEO industry.

So, here’s a quick 3-point summary of the above:

  • Do your best to achieve the optimal results.
  • Constantly communicate with your clients and inquire about their business status.
  • Continue to consolidate your SEO efforts so as to bring in growth in their businesses.


  1. Form Partnerships

 Forming partnerships doesn’t mean that you would partner with other SEO firms and share your clients with them. Rather, search for Web Development firms, Design agencies, Paid Search providers, Social Media agencies that are looking for an SEO partner.

A good partnership with these agencies makes sure that you’re not just an SEO firm, but a full-service digital agency. This, in turn, makes way for many small jobs that you can potentially get from your SEO clients. You can get SEO clients from your partner agencies as well.


  1. Learn to beat the Competition

As you grow, you would naturally face increasing competition in your niche. Your competitors would be keeping a close eye on your strategies, leads and all that stimulates your growth. They also would be trying to convert some of your leads. Therefore, you need to develop techniques to beat the competition.

You can beat the competition by implementing all the latest SEO techniques prior to your competitors and reviewing their SEO activities and backlink profiles on a regular basis. This would give you an idea of the errors you may be committing that you must rectify quickly.

Besides heavy competition, you would also face lots of obstacles and distractions on the way, but you need to stay on top of all that. Never lose your interest, passion and ambition. Never give up!